Islamic Astronomy Achievements

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Islamic Astronomy Achievements

The Andalusian scientist, `Abbaas Ibn Firnaas, was also the first person to invent the planetarium. In his house, he built a large dome in which the stars could be seen, as well as celestial bodies, meteors, thunder, and lightening

-Observatories-They calculated latitude and in these observatories, Muslim scientists used extremely accurate and well-designed instruments and devices to detect astronomical phenomena. Many of these instruments were invented by Muslim scientists

Islamic Astronomy Achievements

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-Azyaaj-Numerical mathematical tables that determine the positions of planets, and the rules of knowing months, days and past dates.

Al-Hasan Ibn invented the first camera in human history. He called it "The dark safe with a hole"

Muslim astronomers used this camera in their observatories as clear pictures of stars and planets appeared on the glass plate. This helped to determine their dimensions and discover new stars

Muslim scientists developed solar calendars.

The Muslims were the first to prove by experiment, observation, and calculation the fact that the earth is oval shaped.

Some Muslim scientists calculated the distance of the sun, the moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter from the center of the earth.

The clearest proof of Muslim scientists in astronomy and their contributions, is that the World Astronomical Association has chosen eighteen Muslim scientists and decidedto put their names on the geographical features of the moon as a way of giving credit to their researches on space


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