Islamic Art and Education (Assignment), Graphic Arts

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Islamic Art and Education (Assignment), Graphic Arts

Isamic art is interesting as it serves a dual purpose. Along with being amazing to look at, Islamic art can work to teach the foundation of Islamic religious teachings and the Islamic culture. Islam is a way of life, not just a religion. Arabic calligraphy is an important part of Islamic art. Calligraphy has many different styles, but they all focus on the carful shape of the letters and the size of the brush strokes. Also important in Islamic art is geometrical patterns, which can be found in many different places and on many different things. The pattern can be pot or walls. The patterns are constructed in a very specific way.


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Different Ways to Use Isamic Art in the Classroom

1) Put in on the walls to help inspire student creativity and curiousity2)Have students try to do their own Isamic art for projects about different world culutres and religions3)Have students make their own Isamic pattern art. Use this to talke about shapes and their forms



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