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Testimony of faithPrayerSupport of those who are in need (zakat)

5 Pillars of Islam


Fasting during RamadanPilgrimage to Mecca


A Biography of Muhammad: The Prophet

Sunni/Shi'ite split

Muhammad was born in Mecca, Arabia in 570. His parents died at a young age, so he lived with his uncle as a merchant in his teenage years. In his time as a merchant, Muhammad met and married his wife Khadija bint Khawalay at age 25. the happy pair had 6 children, 4 of whom died in infancy. Living in the corrupt city of Mecca, Muhammad often traveled to a peaceful cave in the mountains in order to meditate and fast. Here he was visited by the angel Gabriel, who told him beautiful words from God. Muhammad shared these messages with people who proceeded to copy them down into a holy book known as the Qu'ran. Muhammad and his followers were greatly persecuted by Meccan leaders because the Islamic beliefs were much different than the traditions beliefs of Mecca. After Muslims from a neighboring town, Medina, told Muhammad of the corruption of their city, Muhammad was urged to rule and fix their city. In 622, Muhammad and his followers went into Medina in hopes of building the first Muslim community there, but instead gathered many more followers. Seeing Muhammad's success, the Meccans were extremely mad. This action lead to three years of civil war between the Muslims and Mecca, the Muslims had great success in these wars. By now, the Muslims were just as powerful, if not more powerful than Mecca. In 630, Muhammad and his followers, along with other tribes, marched into Mecca. The Meccans saw their power and cleverly decided to join them instead of losing the battle. After some time, the prophet moved back to Medina, having spread his religion through the majority of the Arabian Peninsula. In 632, Muhammad returned to Medina for a final pilgrimage, joins by tens of thousands of Muslims. After the pilgramige, Muhammad retuned to Medina, fell ill, and died on June 8th. His death sparked a growth of the Islamic religion all the way into regions of Europe.

The Sunni Shi'ite split started in 632, when the prophet Muhammad died. There was huge controversy and disagreement about who should be the one to succeed this legendary prophet. One side wanted the friend and father-in-law of Muhammad, Abu Bakr, to become the successor of Muhammad, this group is known as the Sunnis. The Shi'ites, on the other hand, believed that Muhammad's son-in-law and cousin, Ali ibn Abi Talib, should be the successor since he was of direct relation. This, along with disagreements in certain religious practices, is what sets the two Islamic sects apart.

Islamic extremism can mean two things: an extremely conservative view of Islam or violent acts against non believers, which are aimed to cause great causality (Jihad). Global Jihadism is the struggle and effort to spread the Islamic religion throughout the whole world, commonly by using Islamic Terrorism such as bombings. One commonly known group of Islamic Terrorists is ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). This is a group of extremists who inflict serious acts of terrorism on non believers and rulers of certain parts of the Middle East. ISIS believes that they are a worldwide caliphate, or a world leader, with al-Baghdadi as their caliph. This group is known for its internet advertisements such as videos of beheadings and killings of hostages. ISIS believes that religion should not be accompanied by innovation, therefore their religion should stay true to what it originally was. Their main goal is to restore the Wahhabi project, which was appointing a worthy successor caliphate under strict doctrine.


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