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The religion was formed in 622 C.E.



The symbol is featured on flags of several muslim countries

Basic PracticesMuslims worship in a building called mosque, meaning place of prostation. Women can attend the mosque and when the do they sit sepratly from the men, this is out of modesty so that there is no distrations. It is ore usual for women to pray at home. They read a holy book called the quran daily. The Hajj is an annual islamic pilgramage to mecca, and a mandatory religous duty for muslims that must be carried out at least once in there lifetime.

Basic BeliefsWudhu is the ritural washing preform by muslims before prayer. Muslims must be clean and wear good clothes before they present themselves before god.They are monotheistic religion

Islam's HistoryThe founder of islam is Muhammad.The muslim community spred through the middle eats through conquest, and the resulting growth of the muslim state provided the ground in which the recently revealed faith could take route and flourish. The region started in Arabia.

Current infromationIslam is widley considered Europes fasest growing religion, with immigration and above average birth rates leading to a rapid increse in muslim population. Recently in the news there was a horrific stampede at the hajj that killed ot leaset 717 pilgrams and injured hundereds.

The five pillars of Islam are five basic acts in Islam, considered madatory believers and are the foundation of Muslim life.


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