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IslamBy Max Ray, Harrison Bernhardt, & Bella Rielly

-Based off of the beliefs of Muhammad, one of Allah's prophets.-Other prophets beliefs were believed to be corrupted by their followers.-Muhammad claimed to revive the faith that was first taught to Adam and then to Ibrahim.-It is believed that Islam proclaims a unity with God, and there is an afterlife of bliss for believers and torment for the wicked.-The Salat is a required prayer that is preformed five times each day.

-Who: Muhammad around 610 CE-Where: Mecca and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula-Growth: Spread to Egypt and North Africa through military expeditions, and throughout the Eastern world through trade. Now exists around the world


Origins of Islam

-Muhammad- the prophet of Islam-Saladin- first sultan of Egypt and Syria-Muhammad Ali Jinnah- founder of Pakistan-Muhammad Ali- famous American boxer-Mo farrah- an Olympic gold medalist-Shirinebadi - Nobel prize winner-Malcolm x- a African American Muslim minister-Cat Stevens- famous singer-Yasser Arafat – leader of the Palestinian liberation army

Impact on the World

Muharram: The Islamic New Year (This year: October 13-14)Mawlid al-Nabi: Prophet Muhammad's BirthdayEid al-Fitr: The Celebration concluding Ramadan (a period of prayer, fasting, charity-giving and self-accountability for Muslims)Eid al-Adha: The celebration concluding the Hajj (Gathering at Mecca, demonstration of their solidarity and submission to god. Muslims must do this once in their lifetime)-It is believed that the prayer connects Muslims around the world since that they are all praying at the same time.-Praying can happen anywhere, but it is best to pray in a mosque (place of worship). This is because praying together shows that all humanity is one and that all are equal in the sight of Allah (god).-When praying, you need to face Mecca (Islam's holiest city, birthplace of Muhammad).

Negatives:-Partly responsible to making India move caste ridden and exclusive. -Child marriage became more popular -Bad for women- female birth was not favorable -Slavery was affected

What impact Islam has had on India and the world:

Positives: -Pride in religion -Better legal system -Universal brotherhood -New styles of architecture -New arts and crafts -Hindu language was affected

Important Dates

Important People



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