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The prophet Muhammad:-Muhammad Was the founder of Islam A simple merchant in Mecca, he had an angel come to visit him and command him to speak the word of Allah, or God. After a while he began preaching that Allah is the only God, the same god as in christianity and judaism and he instructed how people should go about life. The people of Mecca did not like him and his followers for abandoning the polytheistic gods, so Muhammad left to Medina in a journey called the hegira. They named their religion "Islam" and the followers "Muslims" Muhammad captured Mecca and his teachings were written in the Qur'an by his followers

The Five Pillars:The pillars are the frame of Muslim life. The five pillars are the declaration of faith, where they declare there is one god.Then the five daily prayers that a muslim must perform. The third is donating a percentafe of earnings to the needy, and the fourth is fasting during the month of Ramadan. Finally the fifth pillar is that they must make a pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in their life.

The two major Muslim denominations, Sunni and Shia, have had many issues dating all the way back to the death of Muhammad. The sunni elected one of his companions to rule after his death, while the shia wanted Muhammads bloodline to rule. After several leaders, the shia elected Ali Talib, a cousin of the prophet, but he was soon assasinated. The sunni became political leaders and murdered Ali's family, pushing out the Shia more and more. They have worked as both enemies and allies ever since then.

Achievements:Many early scientific discoveries were made by muslims including:-the earth's circumference-much about early chemistry (called alchemy back then)-system of using nine digits and the concept of zero -trigonometry-many architectural achievements such as their many mosque designs

Facts:There are an estimated 1.6 billion muslims in the world (23%)2 million in the U.S. (0.6%)Sunni and Shia are major sectsPopulation increasing at rate of 2.2% a yearIt is the worlds' fastest growing religion

Muslim extremism:Some Muslims are currently trying to force their religion onto other people within their countries. Not all extremism is violent but the extremists you hear about on the news typically are. The more violent extremists are following jihad, or a war against non-believers. Jihad is not always war-like but in extreme cases such as the case of militarty groups killing christians, like ISIS, they use the most extreme meaning of jihad taking the term "holy war" very seriously.

Beliefs:Muslims believe that there is one God, Allah in Arabic, and that he is not a part of a trinity. They believe in the god of Abraham, and in the Christian prophets, but they say Muhhamad was the last prophet, and the Qur'an to be Allah's last book.Another major belief is that God know's everything that is going to happen, planned it all, and caused it all.

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