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Social Studies
Religious Studies

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1. Belief in Allah - There is only one God, Allah and Muhammad is the final prophet of Allah.2. Belief in The Angels - Muslims belive that Angels act like 'a liason officer' between God and The Prophets.3. Belief in The Prophets - Muslims belive in 28 prophets (including Jesus) Muhammand is the last and final prophets. He is the seal of the prophets.4. Belief in The Holy Books - Muslims belive the Qur'an are the actual words of Allah that were passed on to Muhammad by The Angel Gabriel.5. Belief in The Day of Judgement - Muslims believe that when you die there will be a final day of Judgement. Allah will decide if you were a good Muslim throughout your life. If you were you would be rewarded and sent to Paradise. If you weren't, you would be punished and sent to hell.6. Belief in Pre-destinbation - Muslims belive that God has already decided how you will live your life.


It spreaded rapidly after the death of Muhammad. It was an understandable development especially since Muhammad had successully made the new faith through conversion and conquest of those who stood against him. Right after the Prophet's death, Abu Bakr, the first Caliph, continued to try and remove paganism among the Arab tribes and also to intertwine Arabia into a religion controlled by the power of Medina. Brought together by their faith in God and a hard commitment to political consolidation. Merchant elite of Arabia succeeded in consolidating their power throughout the Arabian Peninsula and began to attach some exploratory offensives north toward Syria.


Arabian Peninsula




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