Islam; The Five Pillars

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Islam; The Five Pillars


Salat means prayer in the arabic language. There are 5 different prayer positions. Muslims pray 5 times a day. Most muslims pray on a mat. Some bring mats wherever they go. They do it so they can pray anywhere.

Shahada is Muslim proffesion of faith. In english it literally means"There is no God but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God." Words are repeated at the call to prayer. It's whispered into babies ears when they are born and die. It is the most important aspect of Muslims.

ZakahThis is the third pillar of Islam. Every single muslim is expected to donate 2.3% of their monthly income per month every year. There is usually a collection box outside of the mosque.

Hajj is pilgrimage to Mecca. The fifth pillar is last, but certainly not least. This is commonly called Hajj. You do not do this until you are a tennager. The Ka'bah is in the capitol city, Mecca, in Saudi Arabia. Every Muslim goes there once in their lives.

Sawn means fasting. During Ramadon, Muslims do not eat from Sunrise to Sunset. They also don't drink or have any sexual relation activity. Sick, Pregnant, or traveling people do not fast. They make up for it later.

The Five Pillars

By Madison White


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