Islam Rites of Passage- wedding

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Islam Rites of Passage- wedding

Islam Rites of Passage-


Wedding Ceremony



Mahr is a payment made to the bride,by her husband before the marriage, which she can use for anything she wishes.

Nikah is the official wedding ceremony. A legal agreement for the marriage must be signed by the bride, along with 2 male witnesses, and the groom. Some couples exchange vows but it is not necessary. Usually an Imam will speak about the importance of marriage, and read from the Q'uran

The walima is a public celebration announcing the marriage of a muslim couple. Friends and family are all invited, unlike at the Nikah.They have a huge celebration, usually with the men celebrating in a separate room from the women, according to the Islamic rules of modesty.

Muslim weddings differ depending on cultural customs. The three main parts of a weding are Mahr, Nikah and Walimah.


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