Islam by Stephanie Hranek

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Islam by Stephanie Hranek


1. The Kaba is so sacred it is the object that everyone must pray toward no matter where in the world they are located. 2. The Quran intended to eradicate many negative attitudes and actions toward women and did so in explicit terms. It granted women to have property, to vote, and to choose whome they marry and divorce. 3. The covering of one's head is an aspect of many religions including Christians and Jews. Many women choose to only where the hijab to pray and to go to church. 4. Some extremists have taken wealth and put it under the catagory of Jihad, so they use the money they should be using for charity and put it toward Holy War. 5. Jihad's direct translation is struggle, a sacred struggle or an inward struggle.

History of Islam

The Kaba



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