[2015] Najla Braddock (Humanities 8B): Islam

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[2015] Najla Braddock (Humanities 8B): Islam

The Muslims believe in one god, who was unique, very merciful, and incomparable. Most Arab Muslims and Arab Christians call him "Allah", which also means God. The Muslims believe he had no son or partner. They worshiped him and him alone. They believe that God is the Almighty, creator, and sustainer of everything in the whole universe. Everything is done by his will. Whatever he wills is, and whatever he does not will is not and will never be. He knows what happens, what will happen, and how it will happen. He is the power of all things, is able to do everything. The Muslims have different beliefs about god. For example, they reject that God rested on the 7th day of creation, and that he wrestled one of his angels.

Who is Muhammad?

The Five Pillars of Islam



Ramadan is when Muslims stop eating and drinking (fasting). During that month they focus their attention on God and self-sacrifice. They also want to make peace, bond with family, and stop bad habit during Ramadan.


1. Declaration to Faith:Muslims profession of faith is called shahda. It states that there is no God but God. They also believed that Muhammad was the messengers for the God. God also sent other prophets Those prophets were Moses, Jesus, and Abraham but Muhammad was the best and greatest prophet.2. Salat = Daily Prayer:Muslims pray five times each day. When they pray they perform special actions as they are praying. They pray in the early morningNoonMid AfternoonSunsetEvening3. Almas for the Poor: Muslims give charity to care those that need it the most. Some of the muslims give individual donations to. They also called taxes Zakat. 4. Fast During Ramadan: The Muslims fast from sunset to sunrise during the holy month of Ramadan. Sick and young children are not required to fast during this time. 5. Hajj:Muslims who are physically and financially able to pray at least once at Kaaba in Mecca are supposed to pray. More than 2 million Muslims go to Mecca each year for this purpose. Simple garments are supposed to be worn because They erased the differences that the people have with each other so that they are all made equal before God.

Muhammad was born is Mecca (Saudi Arabia). During his meditation at Mount Hira Gabriel who was an angel brought him a revelation later put into the Quran. He left Mecca because he preached about the belive in Allah and it caused conflicts. When he went to Medina it's called Hijra which started the Islamic Calender

The Quran is what Muslims use for praying and practice. It's like a bible for them. It's connection between them and God. It guides them in their everyday life .


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