Isaiah the Intelligent

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Isaiah the Intelligent

Around the late 700B.C., Isaiah is risen to power as a prophet to the people, carrying and delivering messages from the Lord almighty. After answering, "Here I am. Send me!" his call to a prophetic life was fulfilled. However, Uzziah, one of the greatest kings of Judah, died in 740B.C., leaving his son in his place. When this happened, things began to become unclear. The difference between rich and poor began to grow, plunging the Judah into a city of sin, greed, violence, and rebellion, and threats from other nations (the Arameans) terrorized the poeple.


1. The Lord's judgement for sins 2. The Kingdom of Messiah With these, Isaiah assists Judah in reforming.

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740-700 B.C.

The Sin


Isaiah the Intelligent




"You are my servant, I have chosen you." (Isaiah 41:8-9, Isaiah 49:3) "I will not remember your sins" (Isaiah 43:25)

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