Isaiah D, Ender's Game

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Isaiah  D, Ender's Game

Ender's Game takes place in many different places throughout the story such as: Earth, Battle School, and Command School. The time in which it was supposed to be was the future, but being an old book, weird terms are used like 'desk' instead of computer.

Buggers are not very attractive.

Conflict:Ender has to fight through the training he is going through. He also needs to win the war against the buggers.

Characters!Ender: 6-12 years old throughout the book. He is a “super” human because he is so smart and wins everything.Valentine: A calmed down version of Ender and is his sister. She creates a character with Peter named Demosthenes. Peter: A very violent and ruthless version of Ender.Colonel Graff: Graff is the person that watches over Ender all the way through life on Earth, Battle School, and Command School. He makes decisions for Ender.Mazer Rackham: He defeated the buggers on the second invasion and teaches Ender with the game with the buggers.Dink: Dink Meeker is a friend of Ender’s throughout the story and helps him with the final battle against the buggers.Bean: Bean is very young but very smart. He expresses his intelligence throughout the story and also helps Ender with the final battle.Petra: A friend of Ender’s who trained him with shooting the freezers in Battle School; she also helps in the bugger war.Alai: Ender’s first friend at Battle School and is also a toon leader in the bugger war. Alai is very creative with his battle moves.

“So it’s the queen who controls the whole group.”“And when she died, the others all died.”

Resloution: Ender kills all the buggers not knowing it. He kills them when he thinks he is trainging/ playing a game.

1. Orson Scott Card introduces the characters by starting with Ender’s home life.2. Ender fights a boy at school that was bullying him and he badly hurt him. Ender not knowing it but he killed the boy Stilson.3. Next Colonel Graff comes and talks to Ender’s parents about him needing to go to battle school. Ender agrees to go to battle school with Graff.4. On the airship to battle school Graff points out that Ender is the best out of all of them and he soon is getting picked on. In result Ender flips the boy over his head and since it is null gravity the kid goes flying and breaks him arm.5. Ender and all the other kids on the airship are assigned to the launchy group.6. Alai, Ender’s friend, is voted to being the leader of the group.7. Soon after Ender has orders to go to Salamander army. Where he meets Bonzo and Petra.8. Later Ender gets an army of his own called Dragon army and he does not know this but Bean picks all the soldiers with limits of who he can pick.9. Ender fights Bonzo in the shower room and kills him on accident.10. By the time they decide to move Ender to Command School his army was undefeated with having to do 1-3 battles a day at ridiculous times.11. At command school Mazer Rackham teaches him and soon is fighting very long, tiring battles with his toon leaders. Some of them being bean, Dink, Petra, and Alai.

Book Rating

I rate this book a 4/5 because it got very boring in some parts of it.

Ender's GameBy: Orson Scott Card

A symbol in this book would be Fairyland. Fairyland is a game that makes you face your fears and that’s what Ender needs to do.

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