Isaiah-Carbon Scrubber

by MSTech001
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Isaiah-Carbon Scrubber

Design Brief


Carbon Scrubber

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Hypothetical Test

Design Specifications

1.Vacume:It sucks in the air with carbon2.Pipe: Goes throught the machine to go in3.Filter: Cleans the air and puts it out.4.Fan: Blows out the clean air out of the machine5.Motor:Runs the whole thing

1.Vacume:2.Pipe3.Filter: 4.Fan:5.Motor:

It is the most important thinghs: Global warming if we dont do anything about it our world will be under water Witch is good for fish but bad for people. We might not relive it now but this is one of the most important thingson the planet.This couldnt only kill people it could kill animals witch are very important.It could cause drought and crops would die. The world would be much to hot for us leavinn the world as a giant dust ball.If we dont act fast we could maybe fix this world ending problem.

poster yourself

The main problem of global warming for us is that there is to much carbon in the air. Our machine fixes that by a giant fan that take the carbon out of the air AND CHANGES IT TO OXEGEN.



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