isai, alejandra b. jave

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isai, alejandra b. jave

the chameleon is a Secondary Consumer

East African Chameleon

Inherited Traits1. rough skin2. eyes3. toe 4. toung

A chameleon needs Boitic things to live like 1. leaves to camafluge and eat2. insects to eat like grasshooperor flies

chameloen Habbitat in madagascar in trees

the chamelons are omnivore becouse they eat plants and insects.

The chameleon AdaptionInherited traits1. tail used like a extra hand2.hands used to climed trees3. eyes move independently4. Camouflage skin

A Chameleon also needs biotic things to survive like1.plants to camafluge and them2.insects to eat them like grasshooper or flies

The Predators of the Chameleon is 1. hawks and eagles.2. snakes

the chameleon prey are insects

Abiotic things chameleon are need to live 1.soil

The chameleon Adaptioninherited behavoir1.change color to protect themselves2.stick tounge out to eat3.mimmics things to confuse different animals4.confuse animals by puffing up



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