Isabel's House of Butterflies

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Isabel's House of Butterflies

8 year old Isabel has one prized posession at her home in Mexico: the oyamel tree that grows outside her family's home. Each year the tree, which she lovingly refers to as her "casa de mariposas," attracts a multitude of migrating butterflies. The tree and its many butterflies bring tourists to Isabel's small town. One year, however, a drought hits and Isabel's father struggles to provide for his family. Isabel's family is faced with the difficult decision of what to do. Will they cut down the tree Isabel loves so?

Reading Level: 3rd-4th gradeInterest Level: 4-8 years old

illustrated by:Susan Guevara

written by:Tony Johnston

Isabel's House of Butterflies

Tony Johnston's beautiful imagry, paired with Susan Guevara's soft paintings, allow readers a glimpse into Isabel's world in a small, struggling Mexican city. With the sprinkling of a few Spanish words and the framed illustrations, the reader feels as though they are experiencing this story as though they are looking out Isabel's window.This captivating story takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions as they fall in love with the "casa de mariposas" and then fear for its future. While the story does not offer a clear solution to Isabel's problem, it allows readers to make predictions and draw conclusions. Readers of all ages will enjoy this story, however students in upper elementary will be more likely to grasp the inferred ending.

created by:Heather Wise



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