Isabella II of Spain

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Isabella II of Spain

Eldest daughter of Ferdinand VII, by his fourth wife, Maria Christina. Isabella was proclaimed queen on her father's death in 1833. Isabella suceeded to the throne because Ferdinand VII had induced the Cortes Generales to help him set aside the Salic Law. Ferdinand's brother Carlos, fought seven years during the minority of Isabella to dispute her title. Carlos' and his decendants' supporters were known as Carlists. This fight was subject of a number of Carlist Wars in the 19th century. Isabella's reign was maintained only through support of the army. Isabella's mother, Queen Maria Cristina and General Baldomero Espartero, acted sucessively as regents until she was old enough to rule. After the Carlist war, Isabella's mother resigned to make way for Espartero, Prince of Vergara, the most sucessful and most popular Isabelline general. Espartero remained regent for only two years.Espartero was turned out in 1843 by the military. They formed a cabinet, presided by Joaquin Maria Lopez y Lopez. This new government induced the Cortes to declare Isabella of age at 13 queen.

1830: Born in Madrid1833-68: Queen of Spain1833-39: First Carlist War1843-68: Personal Rule1859: War against Morocco1864-66: Chincha Islands War against Peru and Chile1904: Died in Paris

Isabella's Regency:

Isabella II of Spain

Important Dates

Exile and Abdication:At the end of September 1868, Isabella went into exile, after her Moderado generals had made a "slight show of resistance" that was crushed at the Battle of Alcolea. Her exile helped cause the Franco-Prussian War. The First Spanish Republic collapsed in December 1874. Isabella had been induced to abdicate in Paris on June 25, 1870, in favour of her son, Alfonso XII, futhering the Restoration. After the collapse of the Republic, Alfonso was placed on the throne.

Isabella's Adult Reign:Isabella directly reigned from 1843-1868, a period of political unrest and a series of uprisings. Her government was dominated by military politicians, most notably Gen. Ramon Maria Narvaez and the somewhat more liberal Gen. Leopold O'Donnell.Queen Isabella was often interfered in politics in a "wayward, unprincipled way" that made her very unpopular.

October 10, 1846, the Moderate Party made their 16-year-old queen marry her double first cousin Francisco de Asis de Borbon. The marriage was not happy, and rumors had it that that few, if any of Isabella's children were his. The Carlist party assested that the heir-apparent to the throne, who later become Alfonso XII, had been fathered by captain of the guard, Enrique Puigmolto y Mayans.Isabella had twelve children, but only five reached adulthood.

Also during her reign:Tensions with the United States, and indepence revolts in Cuba and Puerto Rico.


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