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Isabella d'Este


Isabella has supported many of the Renaissance Painters, writers, poets, and musicians. She collected many art works and antiquities over her lifetime, some for an art-filled private studio, essentially creating an art museum. She specified the content of some of these, in commissioning works.

Her parents Schooled their children equally. She and her sister Beatrice both studied Latin and Greek, Roman history, singing, playing instruments (especially the lute), astrology, and dancing.


Isabella D'este


* Isabella is naturally gifted precocious in her childhood, and she received excellent educations.*Isabella's Role was to be the person who supports arts and literature*also known as the wirst woman of the renaissance


Isabella Supported and promoted the arts. She allowed writers, artists and poets to exchange their ideas in her home. While she was ruling, she set an example for women to break away from the traditional role of what women were supposed to be like. By doing all of this and many other things she was known as the "First Lady of the Renaissance."

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* Birthdate: May 18, 1474*Death:February 13, 1539*Country of origin: Italy, Ferrera



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