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Our run on hydrogyn , it does not give out carbon dioxide so the air wont get polluted. This car helps the earth from heating up by elimanating carbon dioxide while driving.

hydrogen car

It keepsgreenhouse gases out of the air

Government will be involved with our idea and will make laws for the only us of hydrogyen cars..Also ,all the community to make sure they buy hydrogen cars. Lastly, salesman will introduce people to the new car.

This product lessens climate change by having carbon dioxide out of the air and there will be no pollution in the air that heats up the earth.., it will take a few years to put it into all the cars.

It keeps greenhouse gasses out of the air by not sending carbon dioxide into the air like regular cars do. It changes the atmosphere by having less carbon dioxide.

poster yourself

People need to learn abouut climate change and they need to stop using cars that run on fuel


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