Isabel and Nyna 2nd

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Isabel and Nyna 2nd


Distance from Earth- clostest is 1.6 billion miles and the farthest is 1.98 billion milesHow long does it take to revolve around the sun? 83 Earth Years

27 known moons- 5 largest are name:Miranda ArielUmbirelTitania Oberon Distance from the sun- 1,787,000,000 miles

Relative Size- diameter 51,118km-about 4 times bigger than EarthGaseous planet because it is not rocky

There are 9 bright rings1) Mu 2) Nu3) Epsilon4) Lambda5) Delta6) Gamma 7)Eta8)Alpha9)ZetaSeveral fainter rings

Fun Fact- Uranus turns on its axis once every 17 hourts, 14 minutes If you weigh 100 lbs on Earth, you weigh 86 lbs in Uranus Uranus rotates the opposite direction than other planets

Appearance- blueish greenhas nine ringsdark spots around planetclouds can be seen near southernseems wider compared to other planets

Temperature- coldest planets (-224 C) Gravity- less dense than EarthTravel time toEarth- 9 1/2 Earth Years Atmosphere-composed of hydrogen and helium has water, ammonia, and methane


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