Isabel A. Gangs.

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Isabel A. Gangs.

1600's gangsUntil the early 1600s, there were no structured gangs. Some of these organized gangs were calling themselves the Mims, Hectors, Dead Boy, and Bugles. This was in the Western Civilization. In the Untied States gangs began around 1783 in the East Coast. In the nineteenth century, they found evidence for more serious gangs. Gangs moved in the Northeast and Midwest because of immigration.


18th StreetNow in 2014 there are more dangerous gangs. In East Los Angeles, there’s a gang known as 18th Street Gang. They are named after a street in the Rampart street in LA. They are also known as “Children’s Army” because of their recruitment of elementary and middle school kids. Once you’re In a gang, there is no getting out. If you try to leave they will threaten to harm your family. If in anyway you disrespect the leader or a member you may receive a 18-second beating, or even more serious offenses. This gang is known for activities such as, auto theft, carjacking, drive-by-shooting, drug sales, and murder for hire, extortion, and arms trafficking. This gang has been linked to Columbian and Mexican drug cartels; they are also linked with the Mexican Mafia. People also believe that they are in co-operation with rival black street gangs. This means they are willing to help them with whatever they need. The 18th street gang extends across the North America with a membership tally of more then 30,000. At first they were just a Hispanic gang, but now they have Asians, Caucasian, African Americans, and Native American.

American GangsterNicky Barnes and Frank Lucas went from street punks to the top of New York’s high flying drug market. Lucas claimed to make $1 million a day selling drugs on 116th street. Lucas is known for the “Cadaver Connection”. The Cadaver Connection is when you smuggle heroin from Vietnam in caskets from fallen American soldiers. Later on in the 1976 is was convicted, he was in and out of prison during the next 15 years. Barnes was the leader of a cartel of African-American drug dealer. They were called “The Council”, they also made the cover of New York Times Magazine. The headline was “Mr. Untouchable”. Carter President, personally ordered the Attorney General to go after Nicky Barnes .

RanksIn the Gang world there are ranks. There’s the Leader who is usually imprisoned, but still can direct overall operations. He will use either a telephone or other forms of communications. Other names for him are President, King, Supreme Chief, and Chairman of the Board. After the leader, there are the Advisors. Their job is Political, Financial, legal and outside consultants. They help the leader with things that should be done. Next, there are the suppliers. They take care of the guns, drugs and things like that. Anything the gang needs, its their job to get it. Suppliers can be “Drug Lords” and they also do the terrorist organizations. Then there’s the Political Organizations, they can consist of large groups of former gang members who influence elections and legislation. They’re the ones who know about the government. Communications happen with the people who tell other rival gangs about activities and law enforcement operations. If something is needed to be told to a different gang it was their job to do it. The group that picks where your ranked are the Ranking Council, also known as Board Members. These members can be separate faction leaders or were giving ranking status through loyalty, trust and performance. The chief enforcer is in charge of coordinates. Which means they control the gang wars, they also protect the territories. They are also known as “Warlord”. Then there’s the person who disciplines. Any gang member who violates gang code, doesn’t pay their share of profit, and business owners who don’t pay street tax, they will take care of it. They can either warn you, or beat you. Their called Security Chief/Street Coordinator, most people use the term “Hit man”. The treasurer is the one who is responsible for the income and expenses from guns, drugs, properties, businesses, and prostitution. The person who keeps records and maintains the books, is the Book Keeper. If the independent Vice Operator has a substantial operation within the gang territory, they will have to share a profit. That includes Drug Dealers and Prostitution. Area Leaders/Area Coordinators are the ones who are in command of assigned areas. They are in charge of all activities with their boundaries. The gun slipper is the person that will have access to available weapons. The Trustees and representatives are the people who are the lookouts. The street soldiers, they deal with drive-bys, drug sales, and gang fights. Because of that they are known as hardcore and active. The runners or carriers are the people who transport guns and drugs. They are usually younger so that if they get caught they won’t spend as long in prison. They are also known as “ Pee Wees”. The last person would be the Lookouts or Spotters. There job is too watch when gang members are doing illegal things. Such as drug deals, graffi, and or gang fights.

Names-Some gang names come from what street thet live on like 18th street. Others gangs name it on other things like The Harpies Gang,its named after the bird.

"Im burned out,what you talking about? I rhyme for the street. And I went for the south,Im from the West, I could take you there. By the look in your eyes I could tell you scared,Im the same.This is my rutina,taking on my own plus the enemigos,Im just tried dog,but I will maintain even though Im burned out thats why I came.

Being in a gang doesnt make you "cool". You have to use your head and not your heart. And once your in,its hard to get out, sometimes impossible.

Now there are over 1.4 million gang memebers that are in 33,000 different gangs. Snice 2009 gang members have increased by 40 percent.

Today the most dangerous gang is Ms-13. They have members all over the United States. (42 States) 0



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