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Isaac Newton

Newton published "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" in 1687 and introduced the three laws of motion to the world. His laws were: (1) A stationary body will stay staionary unless external force is applied, (2) Force is equal to mass times acceleration, (3) For every action there is a reaction. These laws explained the effects of our planets and the solar system gravity

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Isaac Newton was born the son of a farmer. His father died three months before he was born. He stayed with his mother until she re-married and left him with his grandmother. He suffered many nervouse breakdowns in his life before and after her death. He never married or had children. His life was dedicated to science.

Isaac Newton


While he was Master of the Mint he moved the British currency from silver to gold


3 Laws of Motion


1643 - Born January 31661 - Entered College1667 - Elected a minor at Fellow College1668 - Developed Telescope1669 - Masters of Arts Degree1678 to 1684- Suffered nervouse breakdonw. Became isolated1687 - 3 Laws of Motion Introduced1696 - Became Warden of the Mint1699 - Master of the Mint1727 - Died March 31


Newton was considered to be one of the great minds during the 17th century Scientific Revolution. With his discoveries in optics, motion and mathematics, he developed the principles of modern physics.


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