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Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was born prematurely December 25, 1642. His father died three months before he was born and his mother left him at the age of three. Isaac Newton began his education at the age of 12 at King's School and furthered it at Trinity College at Cambridge University. Once graduated from college, Newton started making new discoveries such as calculus, light theory, and gravity. He earned many titles in his later years of life, like being knighted by the Queen Anne of England. Newton passed away March 20, 1727.

Isaac Newton has many similarities to Stephen Hawking, a physicist and cosmologist. Stephen Hawking is making groundbreaking discoveries about space today, such as matter escaping black holes. Isaac Newton used physics to understand the laws of planetary motion in space. Stephen Hawking used physics to understand how black holes operate.



Historical Significance

Isaac Newton gave us a general understanding of optics, generalized methods in math, and helped fellow scientists understand the universe by his discovery of gravity. He discovered white light was made up of seven pure colors (the electromagnetic spectrum) and created the first reflecting telescope. Newton also created the method known as calculus by generalizing math. One of Isaac's biggest acheivements was wrinting his book Principia, that is thought to be the most influential book on physics and most of science.

Isaac Newton

Physicist, Mathematician, and Inventor

Graduated from Trinity College and developed calculus1665

Born December 25, 1642

Designed and constructed the first reflecting telescope1668

Created the Law of Gravitation1667

Published "Principia"1687

Accepts the job of being the "Master of the Mint" of England.1699

Became president of the Royal Society1703

Died March 20, 1727

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