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Scientific Biographies

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Isaac  Newton

Isaac Newton's father died before Isaac was born.Isaac Newton was born in June 1642When Isaac Newton was born he was very premature and had little hope of surviving.When Isaac Newton was three, his mother remarried and moved into a new villiage leaving Isaac.Isaac Newton was cared for by his grandmother for eight years until his mother returned.Isaac Newton was amitted into Trinity College, Cambridge. Trinity College was a community of four hundred scholars and students and was his home for thirty-five years.Isaac Newton loved to read and because of this he self-taught himself a wide range of different subjects.In April of 1686 Isaac Newton showed the Royal Society his discoveries, the Principia and the law of universal gravitation which gained him great public respect.The last thirty years of Isaac Newton’s life he became an influential public figurer.Isaac Newton died on March 20, 1727, at the age of 85,


Although Isaac Newton is famous as a scientest he spent more time studing theology than science. Newton wrote 1.3 million words on biblical subjects.Newton’s understanding of God came mainly from the Bible

Some of Isaac Newton's discovers are:the binomial theorem which later developed into calculuswhite light contains the whole spectrum of colorsformulated the inverse square law for orbiting heavenly bodies.The Law of universal gravity

Christian Testimony

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Isaac Newton


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