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Isaac Newton

Isaac newton had done alot of work in his lifetime, such as, devoping a theory of light. With this he conducted an experiment and proved that the original theory of light was wrong. The original theory of light is that if light is passed through a prism and creates a rainbow, that it's because of the corruption of glass in the prism. Isaac proved this wrong by shining a light through two prisms, creating a white beam of light. Light was not his only theory though, when Newton was struck on the head by a falling apple he pondered why it had done that. Thus, after some hard thinking, it came to him to make his theory of gravity. In his theory he states that every object's mass draws in the mass of the other objects and the force of gravity between them is the same as the product of their masses and also corresponds to the distence between the objects. Isaac also has another achievement that has turned out very useful, thsi is just a common old item that is used by many people everywhere, and that is the pet door. Whether it's for a cat or dog, alot of people have found this item very useful. A pet door is an item that aloows your dog/cat/any animal you have it for to enter and exit the house whenever it pleases.

Isaac Newton is Physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist and theologian who was born on December 25th of 1642. Through his younger years his mother, Hanna Ayscough tried to get him into farming, she wanted him to quit school. He never really had an interest in this and continued with his normal studies, she decided to let him continue with school when he outranked every other student in his class. He was very smart in Mathematics and Physics. He acknowledged God in many of his works and within his lifetime, he wrote up to about 1.3 million words on the Bible and other Biblical Subjects. Isaac Newton was a member of the Anglican Church, and he did serveral things to help people there. Isaac helped with service projects, paid for Bibles to be handed out to the poor, and helped with a commission for there to be fifty new churches in the area around London. In 1665, Isaac Newton also spent more time in Theology than in his works of Science. Isaac Newton had graduated from the University of Cambridge. While he was there he also worked as a profersor, but due to a plague the University was soon closed down. Isaac Newton died on March 31, 1727 of natural causes.


Isaac Newton

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"What goes up must come down."-Isaac Newton

“Yet one thing secures us what ever betide, the scriptures assures us that the Lord will provide.”-Isaac Newton