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Isaac Newton

Key Discoveries and His Impact

Sir Isaac Newton & the Scientific Revolution

1. Role in Society- established the processes of science and scientific method as we understand them today 2. Discovery of gravity lead to laws of motion and physics3. Principia- helped develop modern physics and astronomy

Voltaires LetterVoltiare was a French Enlightment writer who produced works in almost every literary form, including scientific works. In his letters, he praises Newton as the ¨Hercules of a fabulous story...¨ and discusses the impact that his discoveries have made.

The Scientific Revolution took place from the 16th century to the 19th century. It was a revolution in the process of thoughts and practices that introduced modern science in Western Europe. Isaac Newton was one of the most influential figures during this time and his discoveries opened the door for new discoveries down the road.

A. Discovery of Gravity -discovery he is most famous for -the apple incident-provided the basis for modern physics and scienceB. Principia-summary of his discoveries in -terrestrial and celestial mechanics -effective in development of modern physics and astronomy-revolutionary even though few understood it at the timeC. Role in Royal Society -the first scientist to serve as president-historically influential in establishing the scientific method



How the Scientific Revolution influenced the Industrial Revolution

Science contributed to the development of the intellectual principles which underlaid the Industrial Revolution by providing the theories upon which technological creativity was ultimately based (Mokyr, 2000b). In the absence of Newtonian science, the synergy between knowledge and technology would have been far less intense and the technological advances that are of decisive importance to long-term economic growth would have been slowed down (Bekar & Lipsey, 2004).


¨I indeed believe that very few will presume to compare his philosophy in any respect with that of Sir Isaac Newton. The former is an essay, the latter a masterpiece. But then the man who first brought us to the path of truth, was perhaps as great a genius as he who afterwards conducted us through it.¨(Voltaire)


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