Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton was born prematurely on 4 January 1643, in Woolsthorpe, a hamlet near Grantham in Lincolnshire. His father (Isaac) died three months before his birth. When Newton was three, his mother remarried and went to live with her new husband, the Reverend Barnabus Smith, leaving her son in the care of his maternal grandmother.

From the age of twelve to seventeen he studied at The King's School, Grantham. Then in 1661 he joined the Trinity College, University of Camridge. He obtained his degree in 1665.

In 1666, Newton observed that the spectrum of colours exiting a prism is oblong, even when the light ray entering the prism is circular, which is to say, the prism refracts different colours by different angles. This led him to conclude that colour is a property essential to light.

Newton died in his sleep in London on 20 March 1727 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

The Principia was published on 5 July 1687. In this work , he stated the three universal laws of motion

He used the Latin word gravitas (weight) for the effect that would become known as gravity, and defined the law of universal gravitation.

Newton was also a member of the Parliament of England for Cambridge University in 1689–90 and 1701–2.



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