Isaac Newton J.M

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Isaac Newton J.M

Isaac Newton Glog

By Jacob Masters


1.He created the laws of phisics, as they are called newtons laws of phisics.2.He created a mirrior teliscope that didn't lose color, though they didn't have very good mirriors(it took years to become popular)3. His correct thoery that we orbit around the sun.

Interesting Facts1.He was in charge of the royal mint, were England made it's coins.2.When he was 63 the Queen of England made him a night, not in armor but it gave him the title of sir infront of his name.3.He graduated from colledge at 13.

Representa-tion of the laws of motion

Isaac Newton at a young age on the top, and him at a old age on the bottom.

Website I used.

He was born in 1642 at Woolsthorpe manor.He died in 1727 and was buried in Westminstir Abbey London.

Woolsthorpe Manor

Westminster Abbey London

Acomplishment audio.



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