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Isaac Newton

Isaac NewtonCreated by Naomi B. January 1st, 2016

When Isaac Newton was born, he was a premature child. A lot of people thought that he was not going to live. Newton had ended up surviving, though, as you can see. Newton's father had died just a mere 2 months before he was born, and his mother ended up leaving him at 3 years old to go get remarried. She had left him in the care of his grandmother. Once his step father had died, his mother came back.

Growing up, the fact that Newton didn't have a father around definitely effected him. He had been jealous and cruel once his mother got remarried a second time. He had even threatened them. Although such was going on, even then he was quite the handy and mechanical kid. He had apparently crafted clocks, fiery kites he sent flying, and even a mill that a mouse had powered.

He had gone to Cambridge for schooling and college on June 5, 1661 as a subsizar. He had become a scholar in 1664 an Bachelor of Arts in 1665. He had studied a lot of books and mathematical things while being there.

Newton had studied the work of prophecy quite a bit. He even wanted to decipher what he thought was "figuritive language that the prophets spoke in and used. He believed in God, and also believed that he could find the evidence of God in his work, and natural philosophy.


Lasting Impact

Isaac Newton had all kinds of theories and discoveries and worked so very hard on finding out as much as humanly possible about gravity, and he had created basic knowledge for our modern day physics. He was one of the most influential, and world known scientists of the 17th century. We will forever rememeber the genius that he was.


Birth & Death

Isaac Newton was born December, 1642 in Woolsthorpe in England. Then, he ended up dying in Kensington, England on March 20th, 1726 at 84 becuase of natural causes in his sleep.

Sir Newton had accomplished the Laws of Motion, and figuring out gravity for us. He created a borderline understanding of how gravity works. He had explained the sun and planets and gave us a better understanding of our universe than we had ever had before. Another accomplisment, was that he was not expected to live as a child and yet he lived to be old enough to teach us about our world and come up with many theories and his hard work we use everyday.

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