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Isaac Brock

Early Life Timeline

October, 6th 1769- Birth in St. Peter Port, Guernsey1785- Brock joined the 8th (The King's) Regiment of Foot ranked ensign (15 years old)1790- He bought the rank of lieutenant1791- Promoted to captain1791- Moved to the 49th (Hertfordshire) Regiment of Foot 1793- Returned to England because he got very sick during his time in the Caribbean and recovered when he returned to England1795 - Purchased his majority 1796 - Rejoined his regiment 1799- His first command was for the battleof Egmont-op-Zeecand and was wounded fighting alongside Sir John Moore.

1802- Assigned to CanadaJuly, 1812- William Hull invaded Windsor but then withdrew when he learned Brock was leading the troops. Brock and Tecumseh met and became firm allies. They both were aggressive and trustworthy men.August 14-15 1812- Brock and Tecumseh crossed the Detroit River and the next day, Brock demanded Hull to surrender and eventually he did and sent his son over to ask the terms of surrender. Brock was then reconigned as a amazing leader.13 October 1812- Brock was awakenened by firing and quickly got dressed, mounted a horse and galloped from Fort George to the battle that was happening. It was the second invasion. Brock ordered an attack but was spotted by an American solider and was shot in the chest and instantly died. The British did recapture the place and won the battle but they lost Isaac Brock.

St. Peter Port, Guernsey

Isaac Brock Monument

Isaac Brock and Tecumseh's Meeting

Isaac Brock

Queenston Heights

A Monument Of Isaac Brock in Brockville

This is where Isaac Brock was shot in the chest and dies shortly after

Isaac Brock's death coat



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