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Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov was born on January 2,1920. He grew up in Russia but moved to the United in 1923. Isaac was not very rich. His mother worked at a candy shop just to survive the great depression. Isaac went to colledge at the Morningside heights which is part of Columbia Unvirsty. Isaac Married twice in his lifetime. However he had his first date when he was 20. The first girl he married was Gertrude Blugerman, together they had 2 children David and Robyn befor they got devorced. The secound girl he married was Jennet Jeppson they lived together until Isaac passed away on April 6,1992.

Isaac Asmov had only a few accomplishments. He wrote over 470 books, most of them being science fiction

Isaac made an impact on people today by helping people learn about Science Fiction, Therefor increasing peoples knowledge





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