is too much sleep a bad thing?

by JebTyler
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is too much sleep a bad thing?

Is too much sleep a bad thing?


what to do if you sleep too much

Keep a sleep scheduleHave a planned time to go to bed and a planned time to wake upMake two options in case your up later than expected

To reduce chance of oversleeping, you can:

Causes:Hypersomnia (people feel tired all day, so they oversleep at night but they don't feel better, so they do it again)Obstructive sleep apnea (people's breathing is momentarily stopped when sleeping, and sleep cycles become disrupted)Alcohol and sleeping medicationsDepression

Can lead to:DiabetesIncreased risk of heart diseaseHeadaches (too much sleep interferes with neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which contributes to overall well-being and happiness)

Plan when to wake upAt night before you go to bed, find out when you will wake up if you get 9 hours of sleep.



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