Is technology making us dumb or smart?

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Is technology making us dumb or smart?

Charlene O'Hanlon discusses how technology gives society more opportunity and chances to colabete with others on a project or in everyday life. Different skills and mind sets are used when working with technology, so it is helping people become better at multitasking. David Weinberger argues that if we get lost, we have the capability of finding our way back on track because we have a phone that can easily help us out when we are in need. If we need to know something at that moment we can easily google it.

Andrew Keen points out that "smartphones are making us more wrapped up in ourselves. In 2014, more than 93 million selfies were posted every day worldwide." Patricia Greenfield states, "Studies show that reading develops imagination, induction, reflection and critical thinking, as well as vocabulary, reading for pleasure is the key to developing these skills. Students today have more visual literacy and less print literacy. Many students do not read for pleasure and have not for decades. Therefore affecting their ability to succeed like they should."

Technology has been a blessing as well as a curse in today’s society. As a whole we have become consumed by the power that our devices provide us. We have everything the internet allows us at our fingertips. However, I believe many people think that technology is only gonig to make us dumb.

Is technology making us dumb or smart?

How technology is making us dumb

How technology is making us smarter


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