Is Screen Time making you sick

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Is Screen Time making you sick

Don't Go Towards the Light!

The Affect of the Natural Daily Light Cycle on the Human Body

Warning:Is Screen Time Making You Sick?

When you are exposed to light at night, especially the blue light from electronic screens, it reduces the melatonin hormone production. Studies have shown that melatonin can protect against cancerous tumors. A lack melatonin will increase people's chances of getting cancer. Dr. Richard Stevens has concluded that people who work night shifts, are more likely to develop cancer than those who do not because of their circadian systems being thrown off from the late hours.Other research has proven that an increased amount of light at night can lead or contribute to obesity, diabetes, and depression.

1)Phones2)Laptops3)iPads4)Desktop Computers5)iPods6)TV

The natural light cycle of light and dark keeps our circadian system, our biological clock that tells the body when it is day and night, in sync.

How This Affects Your Health

What happens when you are exposed to too much light at night?

Our bodies produce a special hormone called melatonin when our circadian systems react to night. Melatonin makes us sleepy, but when you are exposed to light, such as that from screens, it throws off your circadian system which ultimately reduces the production of melatonin.

Short wavelength blue light from electronic screens can fool the circadian system into thinking its day. If you can, try to avoid this light.

Devices to Avoid Late at Night

Avoid working night shifts for any jobs, such as gas station clerks, fast food clerks, and late night babysitting jobs.

Avoid using electronic devices late at night, such as watching TV, playing on an iPad, and staying up on your phone. Try to get exposure to bright light in the morning and avoid glowing screens late at night.

Attempt to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Avoid going to bed at early hours one night, and extremely late hours the next. Doing this can throw off your circadian system.

How You Can Protect Yourself from Artificial Light

By: Shannon Sinnicki and Victoria Endicott


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