Is it as Sweet as Sugar?

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Is it as Sweet as Sugar?


Problem: How do Sugar Substitutes compare to Sugar when baking cookies?

Hypothesis: If I use SPLENDA when baking cookies, then it will taste almost or even the same as the cookies with regular sugar?

Conclusion:Most people Preferred the cookies made with real sugar rather than the cookies with Sucralose. Many people thought that the Sucralose cookies had a terrible after taste.

Procedure: Watch this video in order to view the procedure

Research/Background:SPLENDA: A no calorie sweetener also known as sucralose. It is used for a healthy diet in order to reduce the calories and carbs. This sweetner does however have a sugar like taste. Splenda is a brand name for the sweetner Sucralose. Splenda starts as sugar, but then is transferred into a noncalorie sweetener. 1 cup of SPLENDA is equal to one cup of sugar

Variables: Independent: Type of sugar usedDependent: taste preference

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank my mom for getting me all of the supplies, and encouraging me along the way. I would also like to thank Mrs. Kopels for helping me with all of the questions and difficulties I had.

IB Learner ProfileAn IB learner profile I displayed during my experiment was being an inquirer. My whole experiment was all about asking questions. I had to ask people their preferences on cookies and record my observations.


Is it as Sweet as Sugar?

Click here in order to see the full lab report!

By Sophie Gorup

Sugar Cookies

Sucralose cookies


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