Is Gay the New Black?

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Is Gay the New Black?

"TABOO LOVE"by Mike HauserMy Mamma criedWhen she'd heard what I'd doneMy Daddy went back insideAnd he grabbed his gunI'd met a girl on the other side of townOf course I am white and of course she is brownI don't rightly care cause we're both in loveAnd I ain't gonna let her suffer none

(taboo love contd) We's from BirminghamDown South Birmingham Alabama you seeIf'in you must know the yearI'd say a shameful 1963There was unrest amongst the peopleWhich was bad enoughBut it was doubly troublesomeOn our taboo loveDeep segregation kept our worlds apartSomething the youth of the day couldn't seeOutside color don't matter, it's what's in the heartThat's the hold she has over me

Is GAY the New BLACK?

(taboo love contd) Not really sure things have changed all that muchThough it's our nature to want to pretendI'm not much into caring what others might thinkSometimes you gotta stand up like a manI'm telling this tale from my front porch swingAs I listen to my Grandchildren's playful screamsWhile holding hands rocking back and forthMy lovely brown skinned beauty and me

"Confronting homophobia: people of African descent worldwide have suffered under the tyranny of racism, oppression, and discrimination for centuries. We fought courageously to end slavery, colonialism, and segregation. Yet, even as we continue the battle against the myriad forms of inequality that still plague our communities, some among us seem perfectly willing to mete out the same horrific treatment to the gay community."

(cont) occurred 50 years ago are repeated in modern times concerning gay rights. In order to grant gays equal rights, steps need to be taken to decrease segregation.

For years members of society have fought for the rights of African Americans and the abolishment of slavery and segregation. Although major changes have occurred in favor of black rights, patterns of racism against blacks that


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