Is Elie Wiesel A Hero?

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Is Elie Wiesel A Hero?

Wisdom is not always shown early in the hero's life but Elie is wise. After staying in a concentration camp for less than two months he understand things a little more than the prisoners who were there longer. Elie quickly learned how he can survive and did what he could to keep his life. As Elie ages he grows wiser and wiser and eventually develops the mind to teach the world of how we can become so much more peaceful. After being treated the worst any human will ever be treated, he was able to look past it and grow in life a peaceful, caring person.


Elie Wiesel shows himself as a strong person, not just physically, but also mentally. He had to endure pain and suffering without a break, but he never gave up and thats what makes him strong. Elie was surrounded by death constantly and he had to learn to not fear it as much as he had before. He is strong because he gives up his food rations for his dying father. This shows his physical strength, which he also had. Elie was able to overcome his hardships in cpncentration camps and use his experiences to teach the world about peace and taking care of one another.



From the time Elie was placed in Auschwitz to the time he was liberated he not only changed physically but he, as a person, changed greatly. Elie went through more hardships than we can ever imagine, he grew up at a much younger age than most people do. Elie became a whole new person after experiencing the horror in which he did. He would never be the same.

Is Elie Wiesel a Hero?


What makes a hero?

Hero or Not?

In my opinion a hero is someone who either strives their entire life to work for what they believe is right and even though they do not necessarily understand what is right, they can still be a hero to their standing party, or spent their life trying to make lives of others better through sacrifice, courage, and love. A hero is often wise and goes through a time in their life that changes them.

Elie Wiesel was not only a hard headed person, but he was also very family oriented. Loving and taking care of his father even though he was bringing him down, Elie learned that even in desperate times, the world does not revolve around him. Yes, Elie Wiesel is a hero. Braver than I will ever be, Elie was not afraid with death after he was starved, beaten, neglected. Elie pushed through all of his hardships and became a very peaceful person, much opposite of who disrespected him so much. Elie was punished for being Jewish and had to be treated worse than the Nazis who murdered innocent people becasue of hate. His life was stolen from him but he stole it right back and helps everyone know that life does not need to be taken for granted. Live life in peace and love your neighbor.

Elie sacrificed everything for life. Given the option to give up and die, Elie fought on and lived for his father, and his father's life. Adding to Elie's courage his sacrifice made him even more of hero. Elie gave up his rest and freedom from the terror of life in order to help his father push through and fight for life, as well. Elie gave up an easier time in camp by taking care of his father and this caused him less food, if that is even possible, and getting himself in to trouble. If he could he gave up everything he had, even though he had nothing, Elie gave up what little he had for the better of his father. He loved his father this much.


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