Is College Worth It?

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by PaulCucco
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Is College Worth It?

Is College Worth It?

Unemployment Rates&Median Weekly Salaries

A college education opens doors to more choices and opportunities. College students have to option to choose what career they want to pursue. Colleges offer career services, internships, job fairs, etc. that provide students with direction. Options lead to more success and happiness. In fact college grads generally live healthier lives: 83% report to be in excellent health.

College opens the minds to a variety of new people and experiences. At what other point in your life will you be living in a community of people that are all your age! Students meet people from all around the world and professors with various areas of expertise. College really exposes people to new ideas and diverse people. Also, college students generally find out more about themselves during the college journey.

Graduating college is an achievement. College graduates have a sense of accomplishment because graduating college can represent attaining the American Dream. All their hard work and sacrifices have finally paid off. With graduating college comes a sense of respect. In our society those who are educated are generally respected and thought of as knowledgeable.

-On average college grads make $30,000 more per year than a high school grad. That's $500,000 more over a lifetime.-By 2018 roughly 63% of jobs will require some form of college education.-College grads are more likely to have health ensurance and a retirement plan. 70% of college grads are provided health ensurance by their employer (compared to 50% of high school grads).-College provides networking. 65 to 85% of jobs are acquired through networking.- College degree has a return of 15% per year as an investment (higher than the stock market).



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