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sea of monstersby:rick riordan

Percy wants to go to camp. But something is wrong. Thailas magic tree that protects camp is poisoned. Percy goes and needs the quest. But it turns out Clarisse gets it. They want the fleece to heal the tree. It is in an island in the sea of monsters. Percy has had dreams of Grover in trouble. His friend is with a Cyclopes and the fleece. It turns out the other people looking for pan got ate by a Cyclopes. That is why nobody came back. The smell of the fleece is the same as pan. That’s why they go their. Now Percy escaped camp without permission. Will he and his new friends survive?

summary of the book

book review

The whole point of the book is going to the sea of monsters. To get back the fleece from a Cyclopes. His best friend is their Grover. His friend Grover is having trouble with there Cyclopes too. He needs help. If he dies Percy will die. Will they get it in time and survive?


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