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[2015] gdefio: Irving Berlin

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Important Facts

Irving Berlin was born on May 11, 1888.

White ChristmasGod Bless AmericaRememberWhat'll I DoAlwaysMarie from Sunny Italy Easter ParadeThere's No Business Like Show Business

Irving Berlin died on September 22, 1989.

In four years, between his early and late twenties, Irving Berlin wrote one hundred and eighty songs. In a couple of years his songs became popular worldwide.God Bless America became the unofficial anthem of the United States.At the age of five, Irving Berlin and his family moved to New York. However, he became an a citizen of America only in 1918. In the same year he served in the military and fought during World War I. He was an autodidact but throughout the years he became one of the most famous songwriters in the country. Irving Berlin wrote songs for Broadway musicals, such as Holiday Inn.He became the 'King of Tin Pan Alley' when he released Alexander's Ragtime Band.

Irving Berlin

Berlin was known for playing only on the black keys. Consequently, when he started writing his first songs, most of them were in the key of F-sharp. Eventually, he wrote songs in different key by utilizing a transposing keyboard.

Important political, social and economic events

George GershwinEthel MermanThough, Irving Berlin didn't influence only musicians but the entire American culture.

World War IWorld War IITelevisionEconomic prosperity Red ChinaStudebakerVaccineQueen Elizabeth IIRussian persecution on Jewish citizensGreat Depression

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