Iroquois Indians

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Iroquois Indians

Iroquois Indians

History The Iroquois made an alliance with tribes that had similar cultures. The first tribes were the Mahawks, Onodaga, Cayugay, Oneida, and the Seneca. This is known as the Iroquois Confederacy.

Location The Iroquois Indians originally lived in the area that is now New York. Now they live in New York, Wisconsin, and southern Canada.

Way of Life (then) For men, one way to be self-respected was you had to reach personal glory in war. In place of dead relatives, they would adopt or enslave war captives. They lived in longhouses. They wore kilt-like and long skirts, hike shirts, vests, leggings, moccasins, and snowshoes. They used similar tools as other indian tribes. They grew squash, corn, and beans. They also fished and hunted deer.

Today Some Iroquois live in Six Nations Reserves that are open to the Iroquois Confederacy. Most Iroquois, though live in urban areas. Today, the Iroquois are like us.

Fast Facts 1. The Iroquois Confederacy's founder was a cheif named Hiawatha. 2. The Iroquois made canoes. 3. Iroquois is roughly translated to "real snakes". 4. Long houses were at most 100 feet long. 5. The Iroquois were known for their mask carving.


Long Houses

A minecraft longhouse.


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