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Chemical Elements

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FACTS-Iron comes from rocky ores in Earth's crust.-Its formed by supernovas(exploding stars).-Countries that mine and produce Iron are Canada, Austrailia, France, India, South Africa, and the United States.-Iron is otained by melting the ores, adding Limestone and substance called coke to the furnace, blasting air into the furnace which melts the coke, and the ore and pulls out the oxygen.




-The largest metorite currently resides at Hopa West, Nambia Africa. It weighs 66 tons.-A 9th century Czar of Russia used Iron to craft his sword.-The Ashoka Pillar is in Delhi, India. It was built out of Iron 1,500 years ago. It never rusted, even though it was pure Iron. It was a memorial to Emperor Ashoka.-Iron ore was used to make compases in the Middle Ages because it was naturaly magnetic.-5.6% of the Earths crust is iron.

Iron has been around for over 5,000 years. We don't know who discovered it, or when it was discovered.

Iron is a transition metal. Some other examples of transition metals are Nickel, Copper, Silver, and Gold. They all have higer densitys and melting points. Iron has an atomic mass of 56 and its density is 7.874g/cm cubed. At room temperature, Iron is a solid metal. Its melting point is 1538˚ celsius and its boiling point is 2861˚ celsius. Some physical properties are:-Shiny, silvery metal-Conducts heat and electricity-Pure Iron is ductile-MagneticWhen Iron reacts with other substances, its looking for a few electrons to fill its outer orbital. Some of the ions it forms are called Chloride, Ferrous Oxide, Ferric Oxide, Magnetite Fluoride, and Sulfide.

Fun Facts

-Iron is vital to our blood cells.-Magnetic tapes use powdered Ferrous Oxide to record sound.-Dyes and pigments for long, lasting color.-Buildings and wire.-Iron Sulfate is used to treat the blood disease Anemia.-Steel and other alloys-The average human eats 4 grams of Iron. It is used in haemoglobin which carries oxygen from your lungs to your cells for tissue respiration.






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