Irish Potato Famine

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Irish Potato Famine

The English chose to starve the Irish (but they did this secretly). They did this to exterminate (get rid of) the entire Irish population. Since the Irish relied on Potatoes to keep them full and was the most-eaten crop in Ireland, they didn't know where else to turn when their Potato farms got infected with fungus. When people tried to stop the genocide, Sir Isaac Trevelyon blatinly said, "We must not complain of what we really want to obtain."

How was the U.S Involved

The potato was one of the only sources of food in Ireland. It was widely produced throughout Ireland. Animals, like pigs, and crops were bought & used to pay rent and nobody ever thought of them as food.

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To leave the country of starvation and disease, the residents of Ireland made their way to The United States. They were hoping to find food. They carried along sickness, starvation, and misery. When they were making their way to The U.S, they were put on crowded ships, spreading their diseases, and giving sickness to healthy Irish citizens.

Who was involved?

Obviously Ireland was involed in the Irish Potato famine. England played a major role in the famine. The United States were also involved, but not neccessarily in a bad way.

The Irish Potato Famine

Why starve the Irish?


In 1845, a fungus took over Potato farms, leaving the Irish with nothing to eat, since they had been reliant on the Potato crop for so many years. The English had infected the farms with Fungus. They had done this secretly and played it off like they had no involvment by offering food to the Irish. The fungus took out the rest of that seasons batch or harvest. After the potato loss in 1845, by 1855, Irelands population was down by a third. From starvation and disease alone, there were I million people dead. 2 million of the Ireland population had emigrated.


The Irish Potato famine happened in June of 1845.

When did it happen?

By- Danielle Lampe


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