Irish Potato Famine

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Social Studies

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Irish Potato Famine

This is an example of a diary. Not that you are required to create something like this, but you must use your own brand of creativity in the appearance of your diary. Don't forget to have fun!

The Irish Potato Famine

Potato Farmer

Workhouse Employee

American Immigrant

English Citizen

Grain Exporter


Check out this awesome video for some inspiration for your diary entries! Don't be afraid to take on the persona of these people. This is a real event that really happened.

Get creative with it!Create a physical diary to hand into class. There are no limits to what you can do!

Write at least 12 diary entries. They must be historically accurate, thoughtful and well-done.

Assignment: Create a diary from the perspective of one of these five groups who were involved in the Irish Potato Famine.

9th Grade with Miss Durham

Goal: Use creativity and historical sensitivity to create a realistic portrayal of a person during the Irish Potato Famine.

Learning Target: Students will use their historical knowledge of the Irish Potato Famine through a creative outlet and express their ability to empathize and critically think about new perspectives.


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