Irish Immigration

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Irish Immigration

Dublin, Ireland

The Irish Immigration

Traveling to AmericaI do not know if I will survive all of the people stuffed together on this ship. There is so little food and I think Eoin has a fever. When will we arrive in America?

We have arrived. But now the sorting begins. We cannot understand anything and the officials keep yelling at us. We just nod and keep our heads down. We saw someone get a mark on their coat in chalk and have not seen him again. I hope he is okay. Eoin could not stay with me when we arrived. He is with my other brothers. I alone await my fate. We have waited days to be cleared of all diseases. I am not sick but they keep us waiting. I fear I may become sick in the waiting. The long lines and metal railing make sleeping impossible.

It was December in 1891. Annie Moore stood in line with her two younger brothers, Philip and Anthony. They were waiting to board the SS Nevada, a ship that would take them from Ireland to New York. Annie's red hair blew in the breeze and tears fell from her green eyes. She could not believe they were leaving their Irish homeland.Annie wondered if she would ever return to the "Emerald Isle." She cried thinking that she might never see the beautiful green valleys again. Would she be able to eat Irish stew in America? Would they continue to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? There were many questions going through her head.

Video on Ellis Island Immigration

First view of America

We are starving, the potatoes are black and Mama is dead. If we do not get out of Ireland we will all die. The neighbors left in the spring. Our family is the last to leave. Will be find hope in America?

January 17, 1891

They say the land is fertile and there are jobs aplenty in America. We are excited to land and make our fortunes.

Being Sorted and Labeled.

The family as we board for America

We have settled in a city named Boston. We were lucky because Uncle Kelly had arrived a few years ago and was able to set us up in their apartment. There is a whole community of people from the old country. Aunt Diedre found me a job at a factory. Words are starting to sound familiar but it will take time before I am able to talk with others. I miss the green hills of Ireland. However, it is starting to feel like home with family and friends all around.

The long lines



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