[2015] Hannah Hendricks: Irish Immigration

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[2015] Hannah Hendricks: Irish Immigration

Dear Caragh, We have finally reached America. The sight of the Statue of Liberty brought tears to George & my eyes. The ship ride was horrendous, but I am excited to be here in the States. We arrived at Ellis Island & went through inspection in an organized, yet jumbled process and now we are awaiting final feedback on whether we will be citizens. I will update you when we have the answer.With love, Eilis Blake

Dear Uncle Alby, I am happy to inform you that we will be leaving for America in two days. We have finally reached our port area. We will be travelling with the White Star Line on RMS Oceanic which will leave from Liverpool, England. We should arrive in a week or two. Please be expecting us and I will write to you in due time for information. Pray for our luck. Sincerely, the Blake Family

Letter to family in the States.

Letter to friends back home.

Ellis Island We arrived at Ellis Island on August 15th, 1894.

November 24, 1894 I have now mastered my American accent. It is easier for me to speak with this accent to avoid the harshness of others. I will teach Johanna to speak in the same way.

September 30, 1894 People sometimes look at me oddly or glare at me when they hear my Irish accent. However, I have found some people that are from Ireland and it is nice to know that they have the same problems as me.

September 20, 1894 It is much more difficult for the people who don't speak English and I am very grateful that I do. Everything would be much more confusing for our family with a language barrier.

April 20, 1895 I have finally come to the full realization that the working conditions are not worth the amount of money we are payed. George is worried about me but I cannot quit because there will not be enough money for Johanna and him.

April 2, 1895 The longer I work here, the more I realize the horrible conditions we are in. There have been many wage cuts but I will not leave because this is my only source of money and my family needs it. There is always talk of protests but it has yet to happen.

March 17, 1895 Today was my first day on the job. I manufacture garments in a factory. I find that it is easier to keep talking to a minimal because of the curious or rude glances people give when they hear my accent. The conditions seem terrible but I am happy to finally be paid.

Eilis BlakeBorn: June 12th, 1872Native Country: IrelandFamily: George Blake-husband, 25 years oldJohanna Blake-daughter, 3 years oldReason For Immigration: famine, poverty, disease

Our home in Ireland.

A family photo taken in Ireland.

Life in the U.S.

The factory where I work.

The busy streets of NewYork (where I live.)

Johanna's favorite teddy bear for thelong ship ride.

For the journey

Money from ireland exchanged for U.S. dollars.

My passport to enter the U.S.

My wedding ringbecause it is sentimental to me.

A silver dollar that I was payedwith for my work at the factory.

A map of Ellis Island thathelped us navigate whenwe arrived.

A stitched American flagto show our pride & gratitude.

Artifacts used once living in the United States of America.

A hat for my husband to wear to his work.

Irish Immigration to U.S.


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