Irish Immigrants

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Irish Immigrants

Irish Immirgants

Most immigrants came from eastern and southern europe.

America let immigrants pratice their own religion.Provided jobs

Began by leaving their village, walking, and horseback riding to the port, where they would board the ship that would take them to America.

America had land and jobs.

America had jobs and land.America seemed to be so rich in opportunites.

Ended up living in Syracuse Ny.Got a job at a factory.Working conditions were dangerous.

The buttonhook to lift a person's eyelid to look for a diease called Trachoma.

Doctors would watch immigrants walk up the stairs for signs of health problems.

Length of voyage was 1-2 weeks depending upon the weather.$12, 10 day trip on SS

Irish immigrats had to leave their contry because of the patato famine.


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