Irish Immigrants

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Irish Immigrants

This is a key of the chalk marks they wrote on immigrants' backs to definesicknesses.

Citation: O'Hara, Megan.Irish Immigrants:1840-1920. Mankto,MN, Blue Earth Books, 2002.Print

The stairs of separaitionwere where people went their seperate ways.

Children worked in factoriesfor a dollar a day, womancooked and cleaned, and men particapated in the gold rush and politics.

People lived in cold, dark tenements which were often cramped.

The journey to New York took 4-8 weeks.

The Irish immigrants contributed sota bread, St. Patricks Day, and irish step dancing to America.

Ellis Island opened in 1900 it was a red brick building in New York Harbor.

Officials in the Great Hall chose who came into the country.

The people who were sick on Ellis Island were kept in the hospital for weeks or even months.

The Irish Immigrants

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