Irish Food

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Irish Food

Barmbrack is a traditional Irish cake eaten on holidays. After pouring into the prepared pan, it is tradition to add objects to the barmbrack which symbolize certain things for the person who receives each in their slice. Thoroughly clean objects before adding them to the barmbrack. These objects can be pressed into the bottom of the loaf after baking instead: coin-wealth or good fortune; ring-will marry within the year; bean-poverty; pea-will not marry within the year; matchstick-unhappy marriage; thimble-single for life."

Is one of the most popular beers in the world. Irishman Arthur Guinness started to brew beer in 1759. In 1886, Guinness became a public company and started to sell 1,140,000 barrels a year. This was a surprising figure because they refused to advertise or give discounts.The brewers make Guinness from water,barley,hops and yeast. They heat the barley and this gives Guinness its dark colour. Several different varieties of Guiennes exist and some varieties are only available in particular areas of the world- but Guinness is always associatedwith Ireland.




In Ireland a popular snack food is dulse ,a form of dried seaweed .People usually dry it and sell it as a snack food in seaside towns .Some people eat it dried and uncooked as a tasty ,salty snack .Although a dying tradition ,others pick their own dulse ,and eat it directly off the rocks .But you must make sure to shake out all the small snails ,shells and any other creatures you may find inside the leaves ¡Dulse has gota high protein content and is a great source of minerals and vitamins .People also use it to add taste to their cooking.



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