Irish Dance

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Irish Dance

Irish Step Dance Competition is called a Feis, which means 'festival' in Irish.

Irish Dance Soft Shoes are worn only by the women. They are made of black leather and similar to ballet shoes in design. Laces crisscross across the top of the feet and are tied up around the ankle.They are worn with special socks called Poodle Socks.

It can be divided into social and performance dances.

There are three types of shoes used for Irish Dancing.

Irish Dance

Travelling dance masters in early 18th and 19th century introduced solo and social dances. The Irish Step Dance began with the Celtic people. The steps were made for the specific tunes.

It was popularized in 1994 by world-famous dancing show called Riverdance.

Irish Dance Reel Shoes are worn only by men. They are made of black leather with fiberglass heels that the dancers can click together.

Irish Dance Hard Shoes are worn both by women and men to create rhythmical percussions. They have taps on the tip of the shoes.


Costume Dresses worn by women are copies of a traditional Irish peasant dress. Decorated with lace collar and hand-embroidered Irish designs based on the Book of Kells and Irish stone crosses. Bright colors are always used.Boy's Irish Dance Costume consists of plain kilt or pants and jacket and a folded cloak hanging from the shoulder. They are less decorated than women's costumes.


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